Art is More than a Picture on the Wall

For some time I have felt an urge to dive deeper inward, that I haven’t even broke the surface yet in the things that can be accomplished. How does God want all these things to work together for His Greater Good? In answer to the call my art endeavors are taking a shift.
I have a project entitled “Magic Mirror” posted on my website at To manifest this vision to reality I need your help. I am currently looking for stories. Stories which entail the subject of “abuse”. Victorious stories of how ,as an adult, one was able to break the chains and learn to grow in Love. You may read further on my website as the project is detailed and compensation should the story be selected. If selected a release for will be required to allow for publication. I value each and everyone of you. I also have my available works listed for sale on my site. All proceeds generated from the sale of original work or prints will be funding this project. Thank you from this grateful heart. -Linda       WaspQRCodeMakerHD



In the Beginning

It hung on my wall. I prayed before them every morning. I walked by them every day. For 5 years.

In the beginning I didn’t have the confidence I needed to create portrait work. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue but felt intimidated. The black and white version was created on a 30 x40 canvas using charcoal dated 2011.  This was initially to serve as an under painting for oils. What I didn’t expect is that it would take 5 years before I gained the confidence to even pick up the brush.

forgiveness2                              IMAG0661_1

This is the initial painting                                                This is the completed painting in oil

Recently, I had attended a church service and was needing prayer over something that laid heavy on my heart. I had met with the pastor after service. His prayer and encouragement was all that I needed to accomplish and take care of the matter I was concerned over. What a gift I was given.

When I receive a gift I like to reciprocate with a gift. I walked around for days later asking God what can I give? What do I have? That would be worthy of a gift of “Thanks”. After asking the question I walked past the charcoal painting again. As I stood before Mary and Jesus, God told me to paint it now. Now was the time. So I did. So we did together. It was the grandest painting session I’ve ever had.

This painting received a new name that day “Obedience”.

This painting began building my confidence toward what I am capable of doing when I follow the leading and instruction of my Heavenly Father through Christ Jesus.